'Batman Beyond' Returns in New Anniversary Short (Video)

Batman Beyond Still - H 2014
<p>Batman Beyond Still - H 2014</p>   |   Warner Bros. Animation/DC Entertainment
The animated series, set in a future Gotham City, is revived for a new animated short created by Darwyn Cooke for Batman's 75th-anniversary celebrations.

Award-winning comic book creator and animator Darwyn Cooke has returned to the Dark Knight -- and, specifically, Batman Beyond, the animated property he worked on in the late 1990s -- for a new Warner Bros. short celebrating Batman’s 75th anniversary.

Cooke’s Batman Beyond short features Terry McGinnis (the teenager who, trained by an aged Bruce Wayne, became the second Batman in an unspecified future during the series) taking on a robotic Batman that resembles the version of the character from 1997's The New Batman Adventures series.

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At the end of the fight, Bruce Wayne reveals that there are seven more evil robot Batmen looking for a fight, each one modeled after a different incarnation of the character: There are Batmen from Cartoon Network’s Beware the BatmanThe Batman and Batman: The Brave and the Bold series, as well as versions based on Michael Keaton's and Adam West’s portrayals of the Dark Knight, one inspired by Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns and, finally, one that resembles the original version of the character as created by Bob Kane and Bill Finger.

Cooke’s short follows Bruce Timm’s Batman: Strange Days, released earlier this month to celebrate Batman's 75th birthday. At the time, Timm hinted that voice actor Kevin Conroy would be working on another Batman project. He is heard here, but whether or not this was the subject of the tease remains unclear.

Watch Batman Beyond below, courtesy of DC Entertainment.