Batman Calls Superman 'F---ing Boring' in Team-up Parody (Video)

Pete Holmes' version of the Dark Knight isn't keen to team up with the Man of Steel.

We won't be seeing Batman and Superman's big screen team-up until 2015's Man of Steel sequel, but comedian Pete Holmes is already imagining what'll go down.

In his version, Superman comes to Batman (Holmes) to propose a team-up. But the Dark Knight isn't too keen on this, saying Superman only wants to partner up so he'll have a cooler image.

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"You're f---ing white bread. You're boring. Look at you in your stupid outfit," Batman says. When Superman says his dad gave him the uniform, Batman chides the hero, telling him to "get over" his dead parents.

"Didn't your parents die?" Superman asks, which causes Batman to burst into tears.

Holmes previously played Batman in a series of CollegeHumor videos, which channeled Christian Bale's version of the Caped Crusader. Earlier in the week, Holmes debuted a sketch showing Professor X (Holmes) firing Wolverine from the X-Men.

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The Pete Holmes Show, which partnered with CollegeHumor for the Batman vs. Superman video, premieres Monday, Oct. 28 at Midnight/11 Central on TBS.

Watch both videos below.