'Batman: Damned' Writer Launches Erotic Thriller 'Faithless'

Faithless Comic cover-Publicity-H 2019
Paul Pope/Boom! Studios
Brian Azzarello is teaming with Maria Llovet for a sexy new supernatural comic book series for Boom! Studios.

Not content with causing controversy with the unexpected reveal of Batman’s penis in the first issue of DC Entertainment’s Batman: Damned, writer Brian Azzarello is going even further with his new Boom! Studios series, the erotic supernatural thriller Faithless.

The series centers around Faith, a young woman with a magic habit — something that her friends think is a harmless hobby, but may turn out to be something far more dangerous indeed, especially when a new source of power comes into reach. Or, as Boom! puts it, “Faith is bored as hell. And Hell has noticed.”

Azzarello is joined on the new series by Barcelona-based artist Maria Llovet (Black Mask Studio’s Loud) and Boom! executive editor Sierra Hahn. In a statement about the series, Hahn said, "Collaborating with Brian and Maria on Faithless has allowed us to create an honest, nuanced portrayal of female identity in a modern world. As we see Faith challenge the rules of society around her, we’re hoping to challenge readers to reflect on the way they interact with their own personal realities… and to rediscover a bit of magic in the everyday, even when that comes with unintended perils." She added that Azzarello and Llovet have "crafted a resonant examination of what it means to be your true self in a world that asks us to assume false identities to better suit those around us instead of asking those same people to embrace our hidden depths.”

The series will feature covers from Eisner Award-winning artist Paul Pope, with each issue also being released in variant editions polybagged to obscure sexually explicit cover artwork from alternate artists; the first issue’s alternate cover will come from Tula Lotay.

(Censored) preview pages from the first issue, showing Llovet’s artwork, can be seen below. Faithless debuts in comic book stores and digitally April 10.