Celebrate Batman Day with a Guide to Which Comics to Read

From 'Batman' through 'Harley Quinn' and 'Nightwing,' DC Entertainment has a variety of Bat-related books of many flavors available right now.
Mikel Janin/DC Entertainment

It's Batman Day, the now-annual celebration of DC Entertainment's Dark Knight. Comic book stores across the country are participating in the promotional event, but a newcomer venturing into the store to buy a Batman comic book might be confused by the choice available these days. When it comes to Bat-comics, there's a plethora on the shelves currently. So which one is the one for you? Here's a quick guide to help you get your preferred flavor of Caped Crusader.


Publishing Frequency: twice monthly.
Read If You're Looking For… straight-up superhero Batman.
The primary solo series for the character, Batman offers both the spectacle — the first issue saw Batman try to save a crashing plane by standing on top of it with reins and rocket packs to help steering — and the tragedy of the character, with writer Tom King turning everything about the character up to 11.

All-Star Batman

Publishing Frequency: monthly.
Read If You're Looking For … road trip Batman.
Former Batman series writer Scott Snyder teams with Amazing Spider-Man and Superman artist John Romita Jr. for a fun twist on the classic formula that sees the Dark Knight out of Gotham as he races across the country with Two-Face in tow, pursued by a who's who of villains. Think Wacky Races meets over-the-top Batman and you've got it.

Detective Comics

Publishing Frequency: twice monthly.
Read If You're Looking For … Batman and his adoptive Bat family.
A team book made up of a number of Bat-adjacent characters — including Batwoman, Spoiler and former villain Clayface — Detective has become a fan-favorite title since its recent relaunch thanks to writer James Tynion IV's way of mixing old-school superhero comic dynamics with contemporary attitudes.

You can also find Batman in … the twice-monthly Justice League, as well as Trinity, a new monthly series launching next Wednesday and focusing on the group of Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman.


Publishing Frequency: monthly.
Read If You're Looking For … Batgirl as YA adventure hero.
After a critically acclaimed run that reinvented the character, the current Batgirl series switches everything up by taking Batgirl out of Burnside and Gotham altogether … and out of America, as well, as she goes traveling around the world while still finding adventure and mystery wherever she goes. Hope Larson and Rafael Albuquerque offer up a fast-moving, fun alternative to the superhero stereotypes in this series, bringing in influences from manga, romance comics and elsewhere.

Batgirl and the Birds of Prey

Publishing Frequency: monthly.
Read If You're Looking For… Batgirl and her dysfunctional posse kicking ass and taking names.
Meanwhile, a second series places Batgirl right in the center of the superheroic action — and the mainstream DC universe — as she and one-time best friend Black Canary try to find out who's stolen her identity, while a new anti-hero called Huntress gets involved through trying to solve another mystery altogether. Come for the team-up, stay for the amazing art by newcomer Claire Roe.


Publishing Frequency: twice monthly.
Read If You're Looking For … the adventures of the grown-up original Robin.
Dick Grayson might have been the first Robin, but he's also been many other things — including a stand-in Batman, a secret agent and temporarily dead. The new Nightwing series sees him try to come to terms with his past and re-learn who he is, while dealing with a conspiracy that might be very familiar to fans of Fox's Gotham TV show: the Parliament of Owls.

You can also find Nightwing in … the monthly Titans, which features Dick and his fellow former teen sidekicks as they investigate who has been playing around with the history of the DC universe.

Red Hood and the Outlaws

Publishing Frequency: monthly.
Read If You're Looking For … Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman through the looking glass.
Jason Todd was the "bad" Robin — the one that was too violent, too impulsive and too undisciplined. After being killed by the Joker, and then resurrected — because, comics — he's gone undercover in the criminal underworld to try and prove his worth to Batman. In the process, he's met Artemis, a rogue Amazon from Wonder Woman's home island, and Bizarro, a Superman clone gone wrong. Surely nothing could go wrong with that team, right … ?

Harley Quinn

Publishing Frequency: twice monthly.
Read If You're Looking For … the most high-profile Bat villain of them all.
The comic book Harley has transcended her Bat origins — and her relationship with the Joker — to become a protagonist who's chaotic, dangerous but ultimately well-meaning. Imagine a Deadpool with more smarts and social skills, but just as much love of property destruction, basically.

You can also find Harley in … the twice-monthly Suicide Squad series, which has just lived up to its name — no pun intended — by killing off a surprisingly high-profile member in its second issue.