It's Batman vs. the Joker With a Twist as Will Arnett Takes On Jared Leto

Could Lego Batman take down 'Suicide Squad's' Joker? Arnett definitely thinks so.
Warner Bros.

Forget a Harley Quinn-Joker spinoff from Suicide Squad: What about a Lego Batman vs. Suicide Squad Joker feature? The stars of both movies are up for a fight, it turns out, as two interviews make clear.

The initial challenge was laid down by Will Arnett, the voice of Lego Batman during an interview with Fandango's Tiffany Smith and Kristian Harloff during San Diego Comic-Con last month. Asked how well he thought Lego Batman would stand up to Jared Leto's Clown Prince of Crime, Arnett was surprisingly cocky.

"Very well," he said, going on to argue that Leto's Joker "looks a little … scrawny, doesn't he? Just kind of, like, skinny, just kind of like hipster — in a good way, by the way! It looks amazing. I'm just saying, in a fight."

When Smith went on to interview Leto during Suicide Squad promotion recently, she couldn't help but bring it up, prompting Leto to say that he was ready for the challenge: "Anytime you want to meet the Joker in a dark alley, bring your Legos!" he replied. Sounds like the perfect clash of the titans follow-up to Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice … especially if it means we'd also get to see Ben Affleck's live-action Batman having to deal with Zach Galifianakis' Lego Joker at the same time. DC's multiverse of parallel worlds can make that a possibility, right?

Watch both videos below and decide whether Arnett or Leto would come out on top of this particular super tussle. If nothing else, Lego Batman might have had better luck than Affleck's Dark Knight at making sure the Joker didn't get away …