What If Tim Burton Had Directed 'Batman & Robin'?

Batman and Robin Still - Photofest - H 2016
Courtesy of Photofest
A fan trailer puts a new spin on the panned 1997 film.

One of the great mysteries of Batman movie history is what would have happened to the franchise had Tim Burton stuck around after 1992' Batman Returns?

Now, fan trailer editor Sam Ibrahim has provided an answer of sorts, with a Batman & Robin trailer that imagines a Burton-directed film with a Mr. Freeze played by Dexter's Michael C. Hall rather than Arnold Schwarzenegger. 

"I just imagine his tone of voice from Dexter saying some of Freeze's lines and it made so much sense to me," Ibrahim tells Heat Vision. "Ultimately I wanted to prove George Clooney was a good Batman, and like Ben Affleck doing Daredevil, it wasn't his fault. The acting was great, it was the other elements."

The trailer comes as original movie Batman Michael Keaton recently told The Hollywood Reporter why he left the franchise after Burton exited and was replaced by director Joel Schumacher for 1995's Batman Forever.

"It sucked," Keaton said of the script he read. "I knew it was in trouble when he [Schumacher] said, 'Why does everything have to be so dark?' "

Ironically, after Batman Forever, Schumacher actually wanted to make a darker film, instead of the ill-fated Batman & Robin

"After Forever's success, I wanted to do The Dark Knight. It was going to be very dark. I remember going to the set of Face/Off and asking Nic Cage to play the Scarecrow," Schumacher said. "The studio, and I'm not sure the audience, was in a frame of mind to go too dark with Batman at that time."

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