Batman Takes on Skynet in Fan-Produced Animated Short

In Mitchell Hammond's "Batman vs. The Terminator," the Dark Knight sneaks into the very heart of Skynet's robot revolution.
Courtesy of Mitchell Hammond

While DC Entertainment's Man of Steel has faced off against Skynet's men of steel in the 2000 comic book Superman versus the Terminator: Death to the Future, his Justice League partner Batman has remained surprisingly free of any robot entanglements -- until now.

Batman versus the Terminator is the title of an animated fan video from Mitchell Hammond, working from an original concept by Tony Guerrero. It's an impressively accomplished short that teases a far larger story out there, waiting to be told.

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The product of almost four years of work, Hammond created the entire animation solo as a way of teaching himself how to animate. On his blog, he wrote that making the video was "fun while it lasted. Agonising, depressing, anxiety-ridden with a gain in asthma and IBS through paranoia induced fun."

Sadly, he explained that the experience was so difficult that he's unlikely to create more videos in this vein. "While I'm flattered and overwhelmed by the response, I think I'm just going to ride my 15 minutes of fame and try something else with my life," he wrote. Quick, someone at Warner Bros. animation -- try to change his mind!