It's Batman v. Everyone In 'Injustice 2' Trailer

Injustice 2 promo art-Warner Bros Interactive-Publicity-H 2016
Courtesy of Warner Bros Interactive
Superman, the Flash, Aquaman and Supergirl show up, ready to fight.

Forget Batman v. Superman — now it's Batman v. Superman v. The Flash v. Aquaman v. Supergirl and even more, with the first trailer for upcoming videogame Injustice 2 showing the heroes of the DC Universe turning on each other.

The long-rumored Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment game, a follow-up to 2013's Injustice: Gods Among Us, will once again by developed by NetherRealm Studios and offer players the chance to pit their favorite superheroes against one another, but this time there's a twist: Heroes will be customizable, with players able to change the look and abilities of each character by earning gear as the game continues.

In a statement accompanying the game's announcement, president of Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment David Haddad said that "expanding the DC Universe in games continues to be one of our top priorities, and Injustice 2 showcases amazing gameplay and an original story to bring the characters to life for players. NetherRealm Studios is offering fans an experience of customizing and battling with DC’s iconic characters in an entirely new way.”

Characters in Injustice 2 will include the heroes shown in the trailer (below) as well as villains including Gorilla Grodd and Green Lantern bad guy Atrocitus. Locations featured will include Metropolis, Gotham City and Aquaman's homestead of Atlantis.

Since its 2013 launch, Injustice has become a valued brand for DC; in addition to the core game, there has been a mobile version and spinoff comic book, Injustice: Gods Among Us, which has remained one of DC's top-selling digital titles since its launch.

Injustice 2 will be released in 2017.