'Batman v Superman': Ben Affleck Teases New Frustrated, Angry Dark Knight

Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice Trailer Still 2 - H 2015
<p>Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice Trailer Still 2 - H 2015</p>   |   Courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures
"He courts many women, owns many cars and parties a lot," the actor says of his take on DC's iconic hero, who "does that as a way to fill the void in his soul."

In case the trailers for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice aren't enough of a clue, Ben Affleck has revealed that his version of DC Entertainment's Dark Knight is far from the focused, controlled take created by Christian Bale for Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight movies.

"Christopher Nolan used his Batman to tell a finite story. My version is different, but remains faithful to the Batman mythology and all the themes associated with it," Affleck told French magazine Studio Ciné Live. One of the reasons for the differences, the actor said, is that "Nolan’s Batman isn’t part of a universe where other superheroes exist as well. Here — because we’re working towards the Justice League — there’s Superman, and it’s a world populated with super beings. This situation generates an altogether new reality."

That new reality, the actor teased, brings with it a Bruce Wayne who's not quite as good at dealing with his inner pain as previous cinematic incarnations.

The new movie, he said, "play[s] a bit more with the billionaire playboy side of the character. He lives that life at full tilt. He courts many women, owns many cars, and parties a lot. He does that as a way to fill the void in his soul. Moreover, past incarnations dealt with a straightforward search for justice. This time, Batman’s reasoning is clouded by frustration, bitterness and anger."

A Batman who isn't single-mindedly obsessed with justice and rational thinking? No wonder he can be manipulated into trying to take on the Man of Steel. Could it be that Superman ends up inspiring Batman into becoming a more super superhero? Fans will find out when Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is released March 25, 2016.