'Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice': Jesse Eisenberg's Most "Terrifying" Requirement to Play Lex Luthor (Video)

He was wigging out about it.
Lloyd Bishop/NBC
Jesse Eisenberg and Seth Meyers

It's intimidating to play any character in a superhero universe, but Jesse Eisenberg felt particularly vulnerable around one aspect of the role of Lex Luthor in the upcoming Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice.

That is, shaving his head.

"I came out of the womb with a full head of hair, so I've never been able to touch my scalp — yes, it's freezing!" he said Thursday night while on Late Night With Seth Meyers.

"It's really strange. You want to wear a helmet. ... It's terrifying."

"That makes Lex Luthor seem so much less intimidating," admitted host Seth Meyers.

Eisenberg and the cast had to don disguises while on set. "You'd think there'd be something more threatening than the floral-arrangement bandana."

Zack Snyder's Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice, — also starring Henry Cavill, Ben Affleck, Amy Adams, Jason Momoa and Gal Gadot — hits theaters March 25, 2016. Watch the video below.

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