A Closer Look at That 'Batman v. Superman' Deleted Scene

Who is Lex Luthor communing with?
Courtesy of Warner Bros.
Who is Lex Luthor communing with?

Wondering what happened to Lex Luthor in the middle of Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice? A newly released deleted scene from the movie will only add to your questions — even as it hints at further connections with other upcoming DC Extended Universe movies. Spoilers ahead.

The scene, released on YouTube by Warner Bros., is titled "Communion," which gives as good a hint to what is actually happening as anything in the (silent) scene itself.

It shows soldiers entering the Kryptonian ship that Luthor (Jesse Eisenberg) gains access to, and discovering Luthor standing before … someone, who has three floating boxes in front of him. Upon being discovered, the mysterious figure and boxes seem to evaporate into individual atoms, which fly away, and Luthor appears to awaken from a trance-like state, confused.

So … what is going on here, exactly? It's possible that all that's happening is that this is the interface between Luthor and the Kryptonian ship's core computer, given that audiences later see Luthor sharing information that he otherwise wouldn't have had. Except, of course, BvS shows Luthor interacting with the computer in other scenes and it looked nothing like this.

Additionally, the three floating boxes should be familiar to those who've seen the movie; another one shows up in the sequence where Dr. Silas Stone (Joe Morton) reports on his attempts to save his son Victor (Ray Fisher). There, the box interacts with Victor in some mysterious manner — transforming him into Cyborg, as fans of the comic book Justice League already know.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, BvS director Zack Snyder confirmed that the box in the Silas Stone scene is a Mother Box, technology related in comic book mythology to the villain Darkseid, who is also teased in the "Knightmare" sequence of the movie. Given that "Communion" shows Luthor interacting with a character with three Mother Boxes, it would follow that the "he" Luthor promises is coming at the end of the movie is Darkseid — but does that mean that the mysterious figure is Darkseid himself?

Certainly, he doesn't bear any resemblance in the video to any comic book version of the character — but the onscreen character does, in fact, look a little like Darkseid's comic book father, Yuga Khan (it's the horns). Given just how much emphasis is placed on father figures throughout Batman v. Superman — Lex talks about his dad, Bruce flashes back to his father's murder and Clark sees a vision of his adoptive father during his brief self-exile from humanity — this is unlikely to be a coincidence.

This isn't definitive confirmation that Darkseid will be the villain of Justice League, but it's certainly a sign that he's out there in the DC movieverse — and that he's up to something.