'Batman v Superman' Honest Trailer Reveals Subtext Behind the Talking Heads (Video)

Batman Superman Ironman Suit - H 2015
<p>Batman Superman Ironman Suit - H 2015</p>
Never mind whether Superman's dangerous; can fans embrace a DC movie?

In case the subtext of the official teaser for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice was too oblique, the new "Honest Trailers" version handily translates it for people who wondered what all that shouting at the start of the clip was all about.

Described as "a teaser that will probably generate more drama than the movie itself" — and featuring an overdue (and well-deserved) burn on Christian Bale's Batman voice — the Honest Trailer for "Batman ft. Superman: Rush to the Justice League" even offers its own critique of its own snark, with a voiceover complaining: "You're only saying that because the Star Wars trailer was so awesome."

You can see the real BVS teaser over here. The Honest version is below. Choose your side now.