'Batman v Superman' Star Henry Cavill Punches Jimmy Kimmel, Gets Kneed by Guillermo

Henry Cavill Jimmy Kimmel H 2016
<p>Henry <span data-scayt_word="Cavill" data-scaytid="1">Cavill</span> Jimmy Kimmel H 2016</p>   |   ABC/Screenshot
The actor also proved his theory about Superman's simple disguise when absolutely no one recognized him in Times Square.

Henry Cavill throws a mean punch.

The Batman v Superman star stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live on Thursday, which was also St. Patrick's Day.

Since the late-night show sometimes airs in bars with the sound off, the host coerced Cavill into a slow-motion fight scene that they'd then speed up to mess with the evening's drunk viewers. Cavill went for it, punching Kimmel so that he slid back and "smashed" the backdrop.

But it wasn't without consequence: Kimmel's security-guard sidekick Guillermo then entered the scene and kneed the Superman actor before knocking him out.

During the episode, Cavill also proved his theory about Superman's disguise -- a pair of glasses is enough  when he shared a video of himself standing near his own billboards in Times Square, wearing a Superman tee. And no one recognized him.

"The only person who stopped us was someone who was asking for directions to [Grand] Central station," said Cavill. "He hides in plain sight."

Watch the videos below.