'Batman v. Superman': Watch Ben Affleck, Zack Snyder in a PSA to Save Bats

Admits Amy Adams: "I was definitely afraid of bats before and had an idea that they were creepy, but they have a lot of personality, actually"
Warner Bros./Screenshot
Ben Affleck

You can't have Batman without bats.

Therefore, Warner Bros. and Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice teamed up with the Organization for Bat Conservation for a National Save the Bats Week PSA on the species' issue with white-nose syndrome.

"Essentially, these bats are on the verge of completely dying out. Not only would we lose an extraordinary species, the death of our bats would be catastrophic to our ecosystem," says Ben Affleck in the video, as Amy Adams and director Zack Snyder help build bat habitats (complete with a Gotham skyline).

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"I was definitely afraid of bats before and had an idea that they were creepy, but they have a lot of personality, actually," admits Adams. "They're quite charming!"

Also starring Henry Cavill and Gal Gadot, Batman v. Superman is set for release in 2016, launching the newly announced DC line of movies from Warners.

Watch the video below.

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