'Batman' Was River Phoenix's Favorite TV Show

River Phoenix - Photofest - H 2020
Columbia Pictures/Photofest
The late actor's brother won an Oscar for playing The Joker.

Joaquin Phoenix was moved to tears Sunday night as he accepted his Oscar for best actor in Joker, a moment that was highlighted when the actor quoted his late brother, River. “Run to the rescue with love, and peace will follow," Phoenix said in closing, a lyric of River's, who was also a talented musician, forming the band Aleka's Attic. His sister, Rain, was also a member. 

River never played a superhero (although he was young Indiana Jones in The Last Crusade) nor a supervillain, but there still was a Batman connection to the young actor decades before his brother would win an Oscar for playing The Joker. 

It turns out that the 1960s Batman series starring Adam West was River's favorite show and one of the few he watched in his youth. 

In a video unearth by The Hollywood Reporter, River makes the comments while attending the premiere for 1989's Batman, in which Jack Nicholson played The Joker. 

"My expectations are very simple: I am hoping to walk out of this place and enjoy what I've seen," River told reporters on the red carpet. "I hope it carries on the great memories I have of the early show." 

He added, "I grew up with it. It was one of the only shows I ever watched." 

River died of an overdose in October 1993, but was a star in his own right before his untimely passing, even being nominated for an Oscar for his work in 1988's Running on Empty.

Watch Joaquin's speech and River's interview below.