Batman's Alfred Finally Gets Harrowing Backstory Via 'Funny or Die'

Michael Caine Alfred - Photofest - H 2017
Warner Bros./Photofest
"Because every butler has a beginning."

It's about bloody time. 

Alfred Pennyworth, the dutifully butler to Bruce Wayne's and Batman's right arm, finally gets his own backstory thanks to Funny or Die — and it's a doozy. 

In the two-minute video, Alfred: Before Batman, posted over the weekend, the audience discovers Alfred's life very much mirrors that of Oliver Twist...because, well, his childhood is footage from the 2005 version of Oliver Twist.

"Because every butler has a beginning," reads one of the cards spliced in between footage from Oliver Twist and Christoper Nolan's Batman trilogy, in which Michael Caine played Alfred. The violin music playing throughout sets the perfect dreary mood for the parody. 

Jeremy Irons is the latest actor to portray Alfred; other actors include Michael Gough in the '90s Batman films and Alan Napier in the '60s television show starring Adam West. 

Check out Alfred: Before Batman below.