Batman's Future Teased in 'Batsgiving' Promo Image

What mysteries are hidden inside DC's new holiday-themed teaser for next year's weekly series that celebrates 75 years of Batman and Gotham City?
Jason Fabok/DC Entertainment

It's more than a week until the actual holiday, but DC Comics jump-started Thanksgiving early with the release of a new image titled "Happy Batsgiving," created to promote next year's new weekly comic book, Batman: Eternal.

The image was shared on Twitter by Batman writer Scott Snyder ahead of its appearance in this week's DC superhero titles, with the publisher later telling fans that the picture is "chock-full of Easter eggs and teases as to what's to come" in the weekly title celebrating the character's 75th anniversary.

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In particular, according to Batman group editor Mike Marts, "readers should look at Commissioner Gordon." On the latest episode of DC's YouTube series All Access, Marts suggested that fans should "really look at his body language, how his hands and arms are positioned -- there may be some clue there as to something that happens in the very first issue of Batman: Eternal."

Considering Gordon appears to be in handcuffs in the image, perhaps we'll see a brand new police commissioner in Gotham City during 2014 …