Wayne Manor Plays Host to Quidditch Tournament

UK Quidditch Cup H 2015
AP Images/Invision
The worlds of Harry Potter and Batman collide as the British Quidditch Cup is held at Wollaton Hall.

Harry Potter fans got sweaty and muddy in Batman's garden at the second British Quidditch Cup, reports the BBC

In a surreal mixing of two fantasy worlds, the quidditch tournament, billed as the U.K.'s biggest ever, took place at Wollaton Hall in Nottingham, England, which stood in for Wayne Manor in Batman Begins and The Dark Knight Rises

Quidditch, the sport that was adapted from the Harry Potter books, doesn't involve any flying. Instead competitors keep a broomstick between their legs as they run. 

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"It's like rugby mixed with dodgeball," QuidditchUK president Amy Maidment told the BBC.

"There are a few injuries but we are currently working on re-evaluating the rules to minimise that, because if the injury rates continue as they are people aren't going to carry on wanting to play it."

The tournament organizers used Wollaton Hall to raise the profile of the fledgling sport. "We want people to discover what we do and see us as a legitimate sport rather than imitating Harry Potter, so we put it in a public place to get that exposure," said Maidment. 

Sixteen teams competed at the first British Quidditch Cup, held in Oxford in November 2013, but that number has jumped to 23 teams for the second edition.