'Battleship' Trailer Featuring Rihanna, Taylor Kitsch Joining the Navy Hits the Web (Video)

The pop star makes her acting debut in Peter Berg's upcoming sci-fi thriller, due out on May 18.

Universal’s new Battleship trailer is here!

I’m off the meds today. I’m juiced from last night’s Dark Knight Rises preview. And I wasn’t shot in Hollywood this morning.

So I’m genuinely excited about the trailer. There’s some good stuff in there, like Alexander Skarsgard’s face feeling the impact of a blast. There’s worldwide destruction, there’s aliens in robotic suits, there’s thumping vibro-mecho score that is on all the good trailers these days because it works.

Who cares that it looks exactly like a Michael Bay Transformers movie? Or that the only credits title card is “From Hasbro the Company That Brought You Transformers” (and no mention of director Pete Berg or actors Taylor Kitsch or Liam Neeson or Rihanna) which signals a new height in corporate branding?

The film is slated to hit theaters on May 18.