Bayhem Abounds in New 'Transformers 4' Behind-the-Scenes Peek (Photo)

Michael Bay Action Shot - H 2013
<p>Michael Bay Action Shot - H 2013</p>   |   Michael Bay
The star of the latest promotional image for next year's "Transformers: Age of Extinction"? None other than director Michael Bay himself.

Film-making is hell. To prove it, just look at this latest set pic released from Transformers: Age of Extinction, in which director Michael Bay is right in the thick of it as debris flies around him, handling a camera like it's heavy artillery. Can the finished movie look even half as exciting as this picture does?

This is, of course, the second promotional picture from the next Transformers film in which Bay plays a central -- some would say heroic -- role. The first at least had the good manners to include the movie's star Mark Wahlberg in the background, but for this one, it's all Bay, baby. Clearly, something's going on -- and it's equally clear what that "something" is: Michael Bay is going to be the leading man in the next Transformers movie.

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Okay, maybe not -- although, really, who wouldn't pay money to watch him face off against the Dinobots? Michael, just consider the idea -- but he certainly seems to want to be the leading man for the early days of the promotional campaign. How long before he develops an Alfred Hitchcock-like tendency to make appearances in all his movies? And more importantly, if Michael Bay was a Transformer himself, what would he change into?