Be Careful What You Wish for in Image Comics' 'Curse Words' (Exclusive Preview)

Curse Words 1 Cover - Publicity - P 2016
<p>Curse Words 1 Cover - Publicity - P 2016</p>   |   Ryan Browne/Image Comics
The new comic book series from Charles Soule and Ryan Browne will be previewed at New York Comic Con this week.

What if Breaking Bad was about wizards instead of drug lords? And what if it was about a bad guy who wanted to show everyone that he was breaking good…? Those are the questions at the heart of Curse Words, a new Image Comics series by Charles Soule and Ryan Browne — and Heat Vision has an exclusive preview of the first issue.

The series will debut in January, but Soule will be promoting the book in style at this week's New York Comic Con: Not only will he be appearing on panels with Curse Words ashcans and sunglasses, but he'll also be dressed as a wizard and performing with his band at the Image Comics afterparty on Friday at Bowlmor Times Square.

For now, enjoy this four-page preview from the first issue, which shows that asking Wizard for a wish come true isn't necessarily something that will end well, even if he is just trying his best to help out. (Or is he…?) Really, Harry Potter never had to put up with this kind of trouble … on the other hand, Harry didn't have a sarcastic talking koala as a sidekick, so perhaps it evens out.