Behind Conan O'Brien's Gritty 'Lineage 2: Revolution' Fan Battle

The late night host shows off his skills in ads for the mobile MMORPG game, and is now showing off how the magic happened.

Late-night host Conan O'Brien has taken on a side gig as ambassador for the popular free-to-play mobile MMORPG Lineage 2: Revolution

The TBS host previously appeared in two spots for the game, in which O'Brien wages battle against convention fans and smashes gamers' flat screens. They've been a hit, with the latest topping 1.3 million views since launching Wednesday. 

In this exclusive behind-the-scenes clip, South Korean game publishers Netmarble give fans a glimpse of what went into making the ads. 

O'Brien offers his unique commentary on the commercial's subject matter, saying, "It's fun. It's an idea we had where I'm just beating up people at a Comic-Con type festival."

The game, which boasts more than 1 million players worldwide, is based on the popular PC game Lineage and offers unmatched PvP raid content, castle sieges, customizable characters and in-depth classes. 

Asked what his character's name would be in Lineage, O'Brien answered, "I would want my character’s name to be something mystical, something that evokes Middle-Earth, something that’s magical and mysterious… I’d probably go with Conan." What race would the host choose? "I wouldn't choose human," he says, gesturing to himself. "Clearly, that hasn't worked."

The spots are action-heavy, with O'Brien wielding a mystical staff and his red-headed stunt double crashing television screens. They also retain O'Brien's particular brand of absurdist, self-deprecating humor.

O'Brien is no stranger to video game content, as a recurring segment on his show entitled "Clueless Gamer" sees the comedian trying his hand (and failing, mostly) at some of the hottest upcoming titles. 

O'Brien signed off the video with a special message for Lineage 2 fans: "For all you fans of Lineage 2: Revolution, I'm not just an ambassador for this game. I also want to tell you that I do tech support, and so if you have any questions at all, just contact me directly. I'm very easy to find. I live on an island in the South Pacific."

Lineage 2: Revolution is available now and can be downloaded here.

Watch the finished spot below.