Ben Affleck as Batman: Internet's 10 Best Memes

Ben Affleck Horizontal Two - H 2013
<p>Ben Affleck Horizontal Two - H 2013</p>   |   AP Images
Matt Damon is photoshopped as Robin, Christian Bale cracks up, and the Aflac duck freaks out.

The age of the Batfleck is upon us.

Almost immediately after Warner Bros. announced Ben Affleck will play Batman in its 2015 Man of Steel follow-up, the Internet erupted in jokes from Hollywood and movie fans alike.

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The #Batfleck hashtag was used by enterprising Twitter users to share memes featuring photoshopped images of Affleck in the batsuit and Matt Damon as his Robin, as well as Christian Bale cracking up over the casting. 

But it wasn't all fun and games. One analytics firm estimated 71 percent of tweets about the casting within the first hour of the news breaking were negative. Change.org and White House petitions were started to remove Affleck from the project, though the White House petition was taken down by the Obama administration.

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It's not all bad news, Affleck. He has been defended by superhero heavy-hitters Joss Whedon, who tweeted the actor will "crush it," and  Val Kilmer, who called on fans to "give Ben a chance."

Find 10 of the best Affleck as Batman memes below.

Keeping it in the family (Credit: Tumblr, dragonfiretwistedwire)

Unlucky duck (Credit: Tumblr, spiderniels)

The former caped crusader (Credit: Reddit, tvgrim02)

Good news for Avengers: The Age of Ultron? (Credit: Tumblr, gargoylesstandingonsuperheroes)

Don't argue with an Oscar winner (Credit: Tumblr, sysmatic)

Best friends out on patrol (Credit: Tumblr, yosemitemery)

Grumpy cat reacts (Credit:Tumblr, necpd)