Ben Affleck: Being Batman Isn't a Comfortable Job

Dark Knighting means sweating and getting crazy, says the current Caped Crusader.
Courtesy of Warner Bros.

It's not easy being Batman — especially if you're also the man who has to tell Batman, and everyone else around him, what to do.

Talking to USA Today, Ben Affleck shed some more light on just what might be delaying his solo Batman movie. Spoilers: It's that whole "being Batman" thing.

"I know what’s it's like to be in the suit," explained Affleck. "We’ll have to modify the suit to make it a little bit easier to put on and take off. When you are in it, you can be sweating, crazy and exhausted, do your part and walk away. But when you’re a director, you can’t walk away. You have to be there for everybody. Chief among the challenges of doing Batman will be finding a suit that’s more comfortable."

That's not the only reason that the writer-director is cagey about when the stand-alone movie featuring DC Entertainment's Dark Knight will happen. There is also, he revealed, the shadow of internet fandom looming over things.

"Superhero movies get the level of attention that is nothing like any film I've done," said Affleck. "You cast the 14th lead in these movies, and the internet goes crazy. I understand and embrace that. That’s part of the pressure that comes with doing it. That’s why I am not going to do it unless I really feel confident about it. But when that day comes, should that day come, I’m sure that’s going to be the most pressure, the most stress I have ever experienced in my professional life. There’s no doubt."

When you put it that way, it really doesn't feel like too much to ask for the man to have a more comfortable costume. Obviously, it's time to bring back the old Adam West look — just call it "retro."