Ben Affleck Explains the 'Star Wars' and 'Batman v Superman' Social Media Rivalry

Ben Affleck at 'Gone Girl' Premiere - H 2014
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Only Batman could be behind a Stormtrooper showing up in Gotham City

Finally, the reason behind the strange social media crossovers between Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Star Wars: Episode VII has been revealed, and it turns out that it’s… Ben Affleck. Who knew that the Argo and Gone Girl actor (and future Dark Knight) could cause such trouble?

Affleck came clean during an interview with Yahoo! Movies. “I think it was started because [Star Wars director J.J. Abrams] and Colin Anderson, who is a great [camera] operator who works on my movies — and J.J.’s always trying to steal and I’m trying to steal back — sent me a picture of the two of them wearing cheap Batman masks,” he said.

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“I showed it to Zack [Snyder], and said ‘this is bullshit, we have to do something,’” he continued, firmly identifying himself as the instigator of the increasingly surreal online game that has led to the Millennium Falcon adding a Batmobile where no-one would ever see it. “Zack had the means at his disposal to retaliate with appropriately art-directed stuff, you know, storm troopers getting stuffed into police cars by the Gotham police department, stuff like that.”

“I think it’s cool,” he said. “The sort of meta-awareness of these movies, and the two directors going back and forth — I like it.”

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