Ben Affleck is Batman in 'Good Will Hunting: Recut' (Video)

Ben Affleck Horizontal Two - H 2013
<p>Ben Affleck Horizontal Two - H 2013</p>   |   AP Images
Comedian Pete Holmes answers the question "What if Ben Affleck had been Batman earlier in his career?"

Just when you thought it was safe to go online without running into a Ben Affleck Batman parody, here's a version of Good Will Hunting that inserts Batfleck into the Oscar-winning movie and makes it so, so much better.

It's the simplest of ideas, but what makes this video -- from the upcoming Pete Holmes Show on TBS -- work is the Affleck-as-Batman impression, which manages to include digs at Christian Bale and the Christopher Nolan movies as much as at Affleck himself.

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Clearly, that's the way to my Affleck Batman parody heart: Remind everyone that Batman movies have always been kind of weird and goofy. At least we'll probably be able to understand what Affleck's Batman is saying…