Ben Kingsley Becomes Ryan Reynolds in 'Selfless' Trailer

Weird science can turn the former Gandhi into a former Green Lantern

Matthew Goode is not to be trusted, and the first trailer for science fiction thriller Selfless underscores that pretty implicitly.

Ben Kingsley is the sucker — I mean, the wealthy businessman who falls for Goode’s lures in the thriller from Mirror Mirror and The Cell director Tarsem Singh. Dying from cancer, he agrees to have his consciousness put into the mind of a younger man (Ryan Reynolds), only to discover that his new body isn’t exactly as empty as he’d assumed.

In addition to Kingsley, Reynolds and Goode, Selfless also features Victor Garber and Downton Abbey’s Lady Mary, Michelle Dockery. The movie is scheduled for release July 31. Perhaps by that point, wealthy businessmen will have realized that some scientific breakthroughs are too good to be true — especially when they’re offered up by someone as subtly unsettling as Matthew Goode.

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