Benderspink Options Spy Thriller 'Red Station' (Exclusive)

The story revolves around a MI5 agent named Harry Tate who takes the blame for a drug bust gone wrong.

Production-management outfit Benderspink has optioned the rights to Red Station, the first book of a spy thriller franchise.

Written by Adrian Magson, the story centers on an MI5 agent named Harry Tate who takes the fall for a drug bust gone bad. As punishment, he is sent to Red Station, an outpost in Georgia that is the home of washed up operatives. After two other agents go missing, Tate finds himself embroiled in a plot involving a Russian invasion of England and corruption and conspiracy at the highest level of the British government.

The first book was published June.

Benderspink is producing, and the project will be overseen by Jake Weiner and Christopher Cosmos.

A search for a writer to adapt the book is underway.

Benderspink is prepping the New Line comedy Burt Wonderstone, which it is producing with Steve Carrell’s Carousel Prods, and just set up Area 52 at Summit; the company is exec producing the adaptation of an Image comic while Di Bonaventura Pictures is producing. The company is also developing an adaptation of DC comic The Mighty set up at Paramount.