Benedict Cumberbatch Performs Tricks at a Kid's Birthday Party as Doctor Strange on 'Kimmel'

Dr Strange Jimmy Kimmel - H 2016
Screengrab/Jimmy Kimmel Live
The movie had its premiere on the same night as the actor's appearance.

Jimmy Kimmel couldn't resist the urge to get in a few political jokes the day after the final presidential debate. And in honor of his guest Doctor Strange's Benedict Cumberbatch, Kimmel felt like he had the perfect joke to kick off the night's episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live!

"Doctor Strange, which, if you don’t know, is the story of a former neurosurgeon who gets drawn into a bizarre world he knows little to nothing about," said Kimmel. "It’s based on the life of Dr. Ben Carson."

Once Cumberbatch arrived, the actor also got in on the fun by adding his own contribution to Trumpfest.

"I just want to announce that I don't accept the results of my A Levels. They weren’t the results I actually got. Those results were fixed!"

As focus shifted to Cumberbatch's upcoming film, Kimmel admitted to being a longtime fan of Doctor Strange and said he even hired Cumberbatch to perform at a children's birthday party.

The ensuing sketch featured Cumberbatch in character as Doctor Strange being commissioned to entertain the kids under Kimmel's care as a powerful "magician." After a late arrival, Doctor Strange is overwhelmed with the hyperactivity, as Kimmel admits that the kids aren't "possessed," but they "basically ate 50 cupcakes."

When the host nudges Doctor Strange to perform a trick, he's told that isn't possible until he offers $150. Things get a bit out of hand when one of the kids ends up missing.

Watch the video below.