YA Fantasy Graphic Novel 'BezKamp' Launching in the Fall

Bezkamp cover-Publicity-H 2019
Jen Hickman/Lion Forge Comics
The Lion Forge project comes from Samuel Sattin and artist Jen Hickman.

Announced at WonderCon in Anaheim, Lion Forge Comics is about to take YA readers to a world where the written world has been made taboo, creating a malleable relationship with the truth. This fall, it’ll be time to visit BezKamp.

Described by writer Samuel Sattin as “a story about curiosity [and] about secrets, and what happens when people try to destroy their collective sense of history with brute force,” the all-new original graphic novel is set in a fantasy village where the written word is outlawed. When a threat to the village forces the son of one of its greatest warriors outside of familiar surroundings, he discovers a world — and truth — that he’d never previously known.

BezKamp marks an expansion of Lion Forge’s relationship with Sattin, a novelist and toy company executive who is the creator and writer of the Glint graphic novel trilogy at the publisher. It’s Jen Hickman’s first book with Lion Forge, with their work having previously appeared in IDW’s Jem and the Holograms and AfterShock Comics’ Moth & Whisper.

“Working on this book with Jen Hickman has been an absolute dream,” Sattin said in a statement from the publisher. “Not only is their art phenomenal, but the genius amount of detail and specificity put into it allows for layers of narrative to reemerge upon subsequent reads. There are a lot of layers to this story, a lot of possible meanings, and I'm excited to see readers interpret it their own way.”

Hickman feels the same way about their collaborator. “Sam is an incredibly supportive, enthusiastic collaborator, and together we've created something really unique,” Hickman said in their own statement. “Lion Forge's books are imaginative and expansive, and I feel like BezKamp is exactly that. I'm very excited for readers to get to delve into the world that Sam and I have created.”

Bezkamp will be released in October through Lion Forge’s Roar imprint. Below, an exclusive glimpse at the book’s opening pages.