'Big Trouble in Little China' Comic Confirmed, John Carpenter Involved

The director of the 1986 cult movie will be consulting with writer Eric Powell on the new Boom! Studios spinoff, launching this summer.
Courtesy of Eric Powell/Boom! Studios

Teased last week, Boom! Studios has now officially announced that John Carpenter's 1986 action comedy Big Trouble in Little China is finally getting the sequel it has long deserved, courtesy of a comic book from Goon creator Eric Powell and artist Brian Churilla.

"It takes place in 1986," Powell said about the new series in an interview with Comic Book Resources. "No Jack Burton on the Internet with a cell phone crap. Yes, it takes place in 1986 and picks up from the very last shot of the film. The rest I'll leave a surprise." Well, not everything else: The writer, who has also worked on Godzilla and illustrated DC Entertainment's Action Comics, teased that two characters from the movie, not including Jack, will make their return in the series, although he was only ready to name one (Egg, the magician who helped Jack feel "kind of invincible" in the movie).

STORY: Boom! Studios Teases 'Big Trouble in Little China' Comic

The new series is being created in collaboration with Carpenter, something Powell said made him nervous to begin with. "I don't get star struck by people for the most part -- but Escape From New York, The Thing, Halloween, Starman and so on -- he made some of my favorite movies that I grew up on," he said, adding "to say we were on the same page with what the book should be would be an understatement."

Artist Churilla promises that scripts for the comic book are "10 times funnier than the movie. That's not hyperbole -- they really are! You can hear Jack Burton speaking the dialogue in your mind as you read it. Eric has the character down 100 percent."

Big Trouble in Little China No. 1 will be released in comic stores and digitally June 4.