Bill Hader Jokes About 'It: Chapter Two' Co-Star Finn Wolfhard's Power in Hollywood

THE TONIGHT SHOW STARRING JIMMY FALLON - Bill Hader - September 3, 2019- Publicity-H 2019
Andrew Lipovsky/NBC
Hader also joined Jimmy Fallon and Cara Delevingne to share scary stories inspired by real events on 'The Tonight Show.'

Bill Hader joked that his It co-star Finn Wolfhard is the most powerful person in Hollywood when he stopped by The Tonight Show.

The actors star as the adult and teenage versions, respectively, of Richie Tozier in It: Chapter Two. Wolfhard played the character in 2017's Chapter One, but both he and Hader appear in the sequel.

"When they asked them, 'Who do you want to play you in the sequel?' cause they all grow up, he said he wanted me to," Hader said about Wolfhard. "My agent sent me a little clip of him saying that and I was like, 'Oh, that's nice."'

Hader said that he had a meeting with director Andy Muschietti three months later. "I was like, 'This Finn kid's super powerful,'" he said before he compared Wolfhard's power to the Game of Thrones character Joffrey Baratheon. "Like, 'Bring him to me. Bring me the man who played Stefon! I want him to play me in the movie.'"

The Barry star later spoke about his need for a stunt double on set of It: Chapter Two. He admitted that while most of his co-stars did their own stunts, he had to use a stunt double for a simple running scene.

"There's a part where we had to run from the clown. I ran four feet and I pulled my groin muscle," he said. "They had to get my stunt guy just to run."

He added that while stuntmen are usually "stoked" to work, his stuntman was unimpressed with his task: "The guy was like, 'I just gotta run? Are you serious?'"

Hader also joined host Jimmy Fallon and fellow guest Cara Delevingne to share scary stories around a campfire, but the tales were about uncomfortable social interactions.

Fallon opened the segment by sharing a story about a wedding he attended. "I was invited as a plus-one. I didn't know a single soul there. But that's not even the worst part," he said. "They weren't serving alcohol! I had to talk to people." Hader and Delevingne shrieked at the story.

Hader said that he had an even scarier story that would "chill you to the bone." He shared that a co-worker wished him a happy birthday and he responded by saying, 'Thanks, you too."

Delevingne's scary story involved a first date. "He seemed normal, you know. But out of nowhere, he said something that will haunt me until the day I die," she said. "He said, 'I hope you like vape tricks.' And then he did vape tricks."

Hader confidently said that he had an even scarier story. "I went for a checkup recently and the dentist said, 'Looking good. I can tell you've been flossing,'" he shared. "And I looked right at her and I said, 'You too.'"

Fallon's second story was so scary that he only told it to his therapist. "After that she quit the biz and became a judge on Dancing With the Stars," he said. Hader and Fallon broke character by laughing before the host shared a story about how he saw someone waving and he waved back. "Then I realized he was actually waving to someone behind me, so I pretended to be directing traffic. I stayed and directed traffic for three hours," he said. "I've gone back there to direct traffic every day since just to keep up the charade."

Hader concluded the segment by telling Fallon and Delevingne to settle in. "The other day I coughed, but it sounded like a sneeze, so someone turned to me and said, 'Bless you,'" he shared. Fallon guessed that Hader said, 'You too,' though the actor revealed that he said, "Oil me up, daddy. It's dinnertime and I'm a little soup boy. Chompa, chompa."