'Black Lightning/Hong Kong Phooey' Leads New DC/Hanna-Barbera Crossover Slate

Black Lightning Hong Kong Phooey- Denys Cowan DC Entertainment - H 2018
Courtesy of Denys Cowan/DC Entertainment
Also on tap: Aquaman/Jabberjaw and The Flash/Speed Buggy.

A year after DC Entertainment’s icons teamed up with characters from the Hanna-Barbera catalog — who could forget the Suicide Squad/Banana Splits comic book? — DC has announced a second wave of unlikely crossovers. And it's once again pulling cartoon heroes of yesteryear into today’s comic book universe for a series of one-off special issues.

As with the 2017 releases, DC plans four Hanna-Barbera one-shots for 2018, each one an extra-length (48-page) issue for $4.99. Additionally, two of the issues — Aquaman/Jabberjaw and Black Lightning/Hong Kong Phooey — will include a second story by creators Jeff Parker and Scott Kolins, pairing more DC heroes with Hanna-Barbera characters. (Captain Caveman/Shazam and The Demon/The Funky Phantom, respectively.)

In a statement about the second round of crossovers, DC co-publisher Dan DiDio said, “Mixing DC and Hanna-Barbera characters together for these stories is always fun because the results tend to be wildly unpredictable. Even before you know what the story’s about, just hearing the names that get thrown together instantly brings a smile to your face and puts your imagination into overdrive, trying to figure out what kind of story could possibly come from these team-ups.”

The four titles will be available at comic book retailers and digitally May 30. Details of the issues follow.

Aquaman/Jabberjaw Special No. 1

In a story by Aquaman writer Dan Abnett with art by Paul Pelletier and Andrew Hennessey, the town of Amnesty Island is besieged by a series of shark attacks, and the authorities call Aquaman for help. What’s unusual about this case is that the shark isn’t trying to kill people — he just wants to talk to them. All Jabberjaw seeks to do is get back to Aqualand, the future undersea utopia where he hails from. But that peaceful city where man and sentient sea life have been living in harmony has been turned into a dystopian nightmare by a new Ocean Master! Now, the King of Atlantis and his friendly shark ally must team up to set things right. This one-shot also includes a bonus short story by Parker and  Kolins that tells the tale of the first-ever meeting of Captain Caveman, The Spectre and the wizard Shazam.  

Black Lightning/Hong Kong Phooey Special No. 1

Back from Vietnam, kung-fu master Hong Kong Phooey has set up his own detective agency in the inner city. Meanwhile, Jefferson Pierce (aka Black Lightning) has uncovered a plot by three assassins to collect the components of a sacred text revealing the darkest secrets of martial arts magic, and they’ll kill anyone who owns them — including the dog who holds the last chapter of the book, Hong Kong Phooey. Michael Cray’s Bryan Hill, Denys Cowan and Bill Sienkiewicz team up to deliver a story with all the power of a roundhouse kick to the chops! Plus, Parker and Kolins team up once again in a bonus story featuring a pre-Demon Jason Blood and Hanna-Barbera’s own “Spirit of ’76,” The Funky Phantom.

The Flash/Speed Buggy Special No. 1

Red Hood and the Outlaws scribe Scott Lobdell, along with Brett Booth and Norm Rapmund, are gearing up to deliver a rubber-burning story that pushes past the red line. When Wally West tries to take down the villain Kilgore, he’s surprised to find he has an unknown ally who can move just as fast as he can. Dr. Pernell, a brilliant S.T.A.R. Labs scientist, has found a way to power his dune buggy using the Speed Force. When the Flash agrees to help test the limits of the vehicle in a race, something unexpected sends them spiraling out of the Speed Force and into the unknown. They land in a postapocalyptic future, but Pernell is missing, leaving a now-sentient Speed Buggy to help the Fastest Man Alive repair the time stream and stop the triple threat of Savitar, Speed Demon Buggy and… Reverse Speed Buggy?

Super Sons/Dynomutt Special No. 1

It’s no fun for Jon Kent to be visiting Big City with his parents for the funeral of an old friend, so his best pal, Damian Wayne, decides to follow along and give him the inside scoop on the city. But when they go to meet Robin’s local friend, Dynomutt, they find him injured and in need of help. And Dynomutt’s human superhero companion, Blue Falcon, has seemingly turned evil. What’s the reason for this betrayal between once-loyal companions, and what role might the evil Red Vulture play in this scenario? Fan-favorite Super Sons writer Peter J. Tomasi teams up with Fernando Pasarin and Oclair Albert to tell this story featuring the first encounter of the Dog Wonder with the sons of the Man of Steel and the Dark Knight.