'Black Panther' Production Designer Shares Gorgeous Set Photos

Hannah Beachler pulls back the curtain for fans of the Marvel film.
Courtesy of Marvel Studios
Black Panther

The sets of Black Panther are truly a sight to behold. 

Yes, the film had its fair share of CG — as does any Marvel film — but there was much more to the sets than viewers may have thought. 

Recently, Black Panther production designer Hannah Beachler shared some of her personal behind-the-scenes pictures of the sets taken during production of the blockbuster film. 

Locations include M'Baku's throne room, T'Challa's office and the Hall of Kings in Necropolis, where the Heart-Shaped Herb is grown. 

Beachler said her favorite set is Princess Shuri's Lab, which she also posted. 

The Marvel film, with a nearly all-black cast, has been hailed by fans and critics alike, earning more than $600 million globally after fewer than three weeks in theaters. 

See the gorgeous set photos below.