'Black Panther' Writer Christopher Priest to Pen Sci-Fi Comic 'Entropy'

Christopher Priest
Courtesy of Heavy Metal
The veteran scribe is teaming with publisher Heavy Metal.

Following runs on Marvel’s Black Panther, DC’s Deathstroke and Justice League, and Dynamite’s Vampirella, veteran comic book writer Christopher Priest is teaming up with Heavy Metal for an upcoming standalone science fiction series titled Entropy.

The publisher describes the project as the story of Henry Hanks, a “likable, average everyman who will become responsible for destroying the world,” under the influence of Kako, a seemingly unstoppable chaotic force that exists throughout the multiverse — a force that he swears to destroy, no matter the cost.

No artist for the series has been announced.

“I’m really jazzed about working for Heavy Metal, a prestige imprint many of us lowly superhero creators could only aspire to someday graduate to,” Priest said in a statement about the project. “Joining the same creative environment as Moebius, Corben, Wrightson, Eastman, Suydam, Goodwin, Steranko, and so many others feels a lot like being handed the keys to dad’s shiny new Bugatti. Exciting, nerve-wracking. Bye-bye driver’s license.”

“Christopher is one of the seminal and groundbreaking writers in American comic books,” added Entropy editor and Heavy Metal Executive Editor Joseph Illidge. “From his impact on global culture through his brilliant creations for the Black Panther mythos to his socio-political approach to Justice League, he’s brought his A-game to the most prevalent genres in entertainment. We’re proud to have Christopher with us at Heavy Metal, and the world needs to buckle up for the cosmic mystery, adventure, and intrigue he’s about to bring to our science fiction multiverse.”

“Lifelong comic fans of my age grew up reading Christopher’s work, and for many of us his contributions define our relationship to the medium,” Heavy Metal​ CEO
Matthew Medney agreed. “To have a creator of his caliber in the Heavy Metal clubhouse is not only a dream come true but a statement for how we are approaching our stories moving forward.”

Priest started in comics in the late 1970s at Marvel, where he quickly rose to become Spider-Man group editor by the mid-1980s, before setting out on a freelance writing career. Beyond the titles mentioned above, he's also known for co-creating Valiant's Quantum & Woody with artist Mark Bright, as well as Xero for DC.

Entropy will launch in early 2021.