'Blade Runner': Fan-Made Trailer for Original Gives '2049' Preview Stiff Competition

Blade Runner 1982 -Still 1-photofest-H 2016
Modern pacing, new music and what appear to be clips from the 'Total Recall' reboot spliced in all work together quite well.

Who said Blade Runner is slow? 

There has been some criticism over the years that the cult favorite is just too slow for some viewers. Even actor M. Emmet Walsh, who played LAPD Capt. Bryant in the pic, told The Hollywood Reporter this week he thought the film could move faster.

Walsh's pacing point was brought up when he was talking about the trailer for the sequel, Blade Runner 2049, which came out last week. And true, there is a lot more action in the new trailer than there ever was in the previews for the original. 

But, a recently unearthed fan-made trailer for the 1982 sci-fi film gives the 2049 teaser a run for its money. 

Put on YouTube by ShootEvrythg in April 2012, the "modern trailer" has pacing unlike trailers of the era, and homemade music with a few snippets of what appears to be the Total Recall reboot spliced in, which all work together rather well. 

Compare the two below. 

Blade Runner 2049 is set to open Oct. 6.