'Blade Runner' Gets a Retro Noir Makeover in Fan Trailer (Video)

The trailer "accentuates" the 1982 movie's noir tendencies to create "something hopefully interesting," says creator.
Chet Desmond

Ridley Scott's 1982 adaptation of the Philip K. Dick novel Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? contained many nods to film noir -- something only underscored by a new fan trailer for the movie that gives Blade Runner even more of a noir makeover than before.

The video is the creation of Chet Desmond, who explained that it "isn't meant to be a radical re-imagining of the film or a recreation of a '40s-style trailer." Instead, he said, he merely wanted to take the already present elements of classic noir movies in Blade Runner and "accentuate them into something hopefully interesting."

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The result is something that manages to make Scott's 30-year-old sci-fi classic oddly contemporary and fresh again. Watch for yourself below.