'Blade Runner' Honest Trailer Calls It Harrison Ford's Grumpiest Performance

Blade Runner - Photofest - H 2017
Warner Bros./Photofest
"Come on guys ... if it was perfect, they wouldn't have recut it 100 times," says the narrator.

1982's Blade Runner is hailed as a sci-fi masterpiece, but it's also a film that's had multiple cuts over the years to fix the apparent issues with the theatrical release. That fact has the team at Honest Trailers asking one question: Maybe Ridley Scott's movie is not as perfect as people insist?

Ahead of Blade Runner 2049's release on Friday, the Honest Trailers team looks back to a time when audiences knew Harrison Ford for playing charming rogues like Han Solo and Indiana Jones. 

"Now, watch him ditch the whole charming act in the grumpiest Harrison Ford performance since … any time he's forced to promote a movie," says the narrator, just before footage of Ford getting a little combative with a GQ interviewer. 

The trailer notes that actor Rutger Hauer, who improvised lines for his "Tears in the Rain" speech, gave a brilliant performance, but the narrator calls out the film for being a little slow — dedicating a lot of time to Ford's Deckard staring at old photos or out the window of his car.

Blade Runner is a film that "may not have done well at the box office, but broke the all-time record for the number of film geeks insisting it is genius." 

The narrator takes issue with that: "Come on guys ... if it was perfect, they wouldn't have recut it 100 times."