'Blade Runner' Origin Story Comic in the Works

Blade Runner Origins
Peach Momoko/Titan Comics
'Origins,' a new series from Titan Comics, is set a decade before the 1982 Ridley Scott movie.

More than three decades after audiences first discovered the world of Blade Runner, Titan Comics is set to reveal the movie's backstory for the first time in next year’s comic book series Blade Runner: Origins.

Set in 2009 — a decade before the time frame of the original 1982 movie — Origins sets out to tell the story of the beginnings of the Blade Runners themselves, as LAPD detective Cal investigates the suspicious death of a scientist inside the Tyrell Corporation, which may not be the suicide that it was initially reported as.

The series is written by the team of Mellow Brown (American Gods), K. Perkins (Supergirl) and Mike Johnson, who’s been helming Titan’s Blade Runner 2019 since launch. Fernando Dagnino provides art, which can be seen below along with covers for the first issue from Dagnino, Stanley ‘Artgerm’ Lau, Robert Hack, and Piotr Kowalski. Peach Momoko’s cover to the issue can be seen above; the issue will also ship with a blank cover variant.

"The cyber noir world developed in this masterpiece movie has forged my imagination ever since I was a kid,” Dagnino told The Hollywood Reporter. “As an artist I feel privileged to be expanding this dark and complex universe and honored to be part of it’s history, contributing, together with a fantastic team of creators, to imagine this unique prequel that will not only answer questions to the origins of the series, but also link — as any speculative sci-fi story should — with modern day conflicts and concerns."

The series is the latest product of the partnership between Titan and Blade Runner owner Alcon Media Group, initially announced in 2018. So far, Titan has published 12 issues of Blade Runner 2019, with Blade Runner 2029 recently announced.

Blade Runner: Origins will launch Feb. 24 digitally and in comic book stores.