BloodList Highlights 2020's Best Dark Genre Scripts

BloodList 12 Fresh Blood Edition
Seth M. Sherwood
Projects that have appeared in the past years include screenplays for 'Arrival' and 'Birdbox.'

For the past 12 years, the BloodList has highlighted the best dark-genre screenplays that have yet to be produced. It also has used its separate Fresh Blood list to tout screenplays from underrepresented creators, and this year, the BloodList is putting the focus 100 percent on those filmmakers.

"The film and television industry is tough to break into, and Fresh Blood has been an organic way to discover, promote and collaborate with new horror-loving creators. For our 12th edition we chose to focus on Fresh Blood projects to see what new and unique stories are out there," said BloodList Founder Kailey Marsh, a manager and producer at Brillstein Entertainment partners.

Scripts that have appeared on the list in the past years include films such as Arrival and Birdbox.

Here's this year's Fresh Blood edition of the BloodList, in alphabetical order:

Black Mourning Cemetery (Pilot)

Writer: Briana Bougard

Logline: When a Black person is unjustly killed, their spirit torments anyone connected to their murder. To prevent this, their remains are buried at a private cemetery owned by a witch, who performs a ritual to reveal the disturbing events leading up to their death, and hopefully bring them peace.

Genre: Horror

Company Man (Feature)

Writer: Nancy Duff

Logline: A lonely insurance adjuster living in a post-zombie-apocalypse world becomes marked for termination by the government agency tasked with zombie control. When he meets the adult daughter he never knew he had, they must race against time to steal the cure.

Genre: Sci-Fi/Dark Comedy  

Little India (Feature)

Writer: Raj Balu

Logline: In financial ruin, an immigrant jeweler in Artesia, California’s “Little India” summons the powers of Hindu black magic, resulting in hellish consequences.

Genre: Dark Comedy

Paragone (Pilot)

Writer: Travis Neufeld

Logline: In an alternate universe where the vast proliferation of paranormal entities has given rise to a multi-billion dollar paranormal remediation industry, a downtrodden crew of ParaGone™ ghost hunters work to uncover the truth about entities, the afterlife, and the agency they work for -- all in a bid to stop one of the most violent malevolent entities in history.

Genre: Horror

Taroko (Feature)

Writers: Kerry Yang & Steve Emmons

Logline: Deep within the vast Taroko wilderness, a devastating earthquake has released the spirits of those who have been trapped in limbo since WWII. A little girl named Mei Mei is brought to Taroko to attend her grandmother’s funeral when she’s swept away in a landslide and wakes up way down river. She’s alone in the woods like The Jungle Book, but instead of animals, she’s surrounded by ghosts of the past. In order for her to get back to her family, she is given the mission by the mountain god of Taroko called Gaya to lead all the trapped ghosts out.

Genre: Dark Fantasy

The Butter Street Hitchhiker (Short story)

Writer: Chris Hicks

Logline: Haunted by his past, a driver picks up a ghostly hitchhiker who will answer his deepest, darkest question if he drives him to his destination.

Genre: Horror   

The Figure (Feature)

Writer: Michelle Hsu

Logline: In the male-dominated field of bio-tech, a female scientist aims to further her career by building a larger-than-life synthetic human being. Things do not go according to plan.

Genre: Horror/Sci-Fi

The Witch Elm (Pilot)

Writer: William Gillies

Logline: After discovering a skeleton buried deep inside a wych elm tree, a West-Midlands family becomes plagued by an ancient, malevolent witch intent on tearing them apart through sickness and disease. Inspired by the real-life unsolved mystery of Bella in the Wych Elm in the UK.

Genre: Horror  

Thin Blue Veins (Feature)

Writer: Josh Evans

Logline: Siblings fleeing their abusive father are caught in a game of supernatural cat-and-mouse when they attempt to seek shelter in the wrong "abandoned" home.

Genre: Horror/Thriller 

Wilder Than Her (Feature)

Writer: Jessica Kozak

Logline: After the death of their friend Beth, three friends reconnect on an annual camping weekend, but things grow increasingly strange and uncomfortable in the isolated forest as their friendship unravels and they begin to question each other's motives for the trip.

Genre: Horror/Thriller/Dark Comedy