Watch Bob Odenkirk, Andy Richter and More Enjoy Some 'Drinky Crow' (Exclusive)

Drinky Crow- Tony Millionaire/Fantagraphics -SQ 2016
Courtesy of Tony Millionaire/Fantagraphics
The trailer for Tony Millionaire's new book is a laugh riot. Literally.

Some book trailers get overly verbose trying to explain the plot of their subject, introducing characters or attempting to impress potential readers with critical praise. Not Tony Millionaire's Drinky Crow Drinks Again. The new trailer for the Fantagraphics title — premiering exclusively on The Hollywood Reporter — shares what celebrities like Bob Odenkirk and Marc Maron think of the book, all without using any words at all.

The trailer, from Rich Dorato and Adam Franklin, features Odenkirk, Maron, Andy Richter, Pamela Adlon, David Herman, Martin Olson, Adventure Time creator Pendleton Ward and Millionaire's wife, Becky Thyre, laughing uncontrollably while reading the book, with Millionaire creepily looking on from the background.

Little is revealed about the book beyond the most important thing — that it's that riotously funny — but those familiar with Millionaire likely knew that. The 128-page hardcover is the latest collection of Millionaire's weekly Maakies comic strip, which centers on the relationship between an alcoholic sea-faring monkey and his drinking buddy, the eponymous Drinky Crow, as told in an individual style that mixes influences from early newspaper cartoons and classic woodcut aesthetics.

Those unfamiliar with the strip might nonetheless know the characters; Maakies has been adapted into animated form for both Saturday Night Live and Cartoon Network's Adult Swim since its 1994 debut.

The new book includes more than 200 strips from the past five years collected for the first time, all ready to have you ignoring life-saving alarms because you're laughing too hard. Just make sure to read it in a safe environment, just in case. Drinky Crow Drinks Again is in stores now. More information about the book can be found here; in the meantime, watch the trailer above.