Bold Films Entering Superhero Territory With 'Samaritan'

Bragi Schut - H 2016
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"'Samaritan' fits perfectly with our signature brand of elevated, character-driven genre films," says Bold CEO Gary Michael Walters.

Bold Films is moving into superhero movies, picking up Samaritan, a drama written by Bragi F. Schut.

The company aims to produce and finance the project, with Bold’s Michel Litvak will produce alongside Jon Oakes. Bold’s Gary Michael Walters will executive produce.

The spec script is set 20 years after an epic battle left a city’s supervillain dead and its superhero missing. On the rough side of town, a young boy befriends the old man across the alleyway and as their relationship develops, the boy comes to believe the man is the hero in hiding. The truth, however, proves to be more shocking than the boy could have ever imagined. 

The project has been described as having shades of 2000's Unbreakable, M. Night Shyamalan’s grounded take on superheroes that starred Bruce Willis and Samuel L. Jackson, and Finding Forrester, the 2000 drama that starred Sean Connery as a reclusive author mentoring a youth with a troubled home life.

Samaritan is a unique story about the superhero next door, and a beautiful parable of redemption,” said Litvak.

Bold, which was behind the 2014 acclaimed thriller Nightcrawler, is prepping to produce the Boston Marathon bombing movie Stronger with Jake Gyllenhaal.

Schut created the short-lived 2005 CBS series Threshold that starred Carla Gugino and penned Season of the Witch, the supernatural action movie starring Nicolas Cage. His screenplay for the period horror pic The Last Voyage of the Demeter is in development.

Schut is repped by Verve, Realm Entertainment and Eclipse Law.