'Bomb Queen: Trump Card' Sets Comic Villain Against the President

Bomb Queen Trump Card - Publicity - H 2020
Jimmie Robinson/Image Comics
The four-part Image Comics miniseries will revive Jimmie Robinson's supervillain as she goes up against Donald Trump.

Jimmie Robinson is resurrecting his subversive character Bomb Queen for a new series from Image Comics this summer — setting the anarchic villainess against none other than the president of the United States.

Debuting in 2006’s Bomb Queen No. 1, Bomb Queen was a supervillain who managed to defeat the heroes in her home of New Port City, becoming the city’s de facto ruler as a result. Despite this, she turned out to be a popular leader whose unexpected attitude toward rules allowed the city to flourish — much to the disappointment of federal authorities. Robinson wrote and illustrated the character through seven miniseries published through the 2012 conclusion of Bomb Queen VII: The End of Hope.

The new four-issue Bomb Queen: Trump Card is set in 2024, at the end of Donald Trump’s second term, with Bomb Queen setting out to make sure that he doesn’t stay in the White House for good — by running for president against him.

“I returned to Bomb Queen to get a few things off my chest,” Robinson said in a statement. “From social politics to the state of the comic industry, nothing is safe from the Queen of obscene. Sometimes the best medicine is bitter and hard to swallow, and considering the current state of things, it seemed the perfect time for her to return to add to the chaos!”

Bomb Queen: Trump Card No. 1 will be released Aug. 26.