Boom! Studios Launching 'Alienated' Comic Series

Alienated-Publicity - H 2019
Chris Wildgoose/Boom! Studios
"I always wondered what would've happened if E.T. had been befriended by someone a little less...nice," says writer Si Spurrier.

Following up on successful launches of new properties Once and Future and Something Is Killing the Children, Boom! Studios announced another new series at New York Comic Con on Friday afternoon, with the twist on the teenager-meets-alien concept, Alienated.

Co-created by Si Spurrier (The Dreaming, the upcoming John Constantine: Hellblazer) and Chris Wildgoose, Alienated tells the story of three teenagers who discover what appears to be a cute little alien, but who might turn out to be something very different indeed.

“I always wondered what would've happened if E.T. had been befriended by someone a little less...nice,” Spurrier said in a statement. “Someone with issues. Someone with rage and uncertainty and insecurity and big ideas, waiting to be tested. A teenager, basically. Or better yet, three of them. Then again, I always wondered what would've happened if E.T. himself had been a bit more, y'know. Alien. As in: ineffably strange. And terrifying.”

The series is, he said, “my take on the classic coming-of-age high school tale, by which I mean it's got as much vicious toxicity about it as it has awkwardness and heart.”

The series will be illustrated by Wildgoose, whose work has previously appeared in DC’s Batman: Nightwalker and Gotham Academy; he called the book “a dream team project,” and teased, “I think it’s a story that will pull on your heartstrings and make you laugh, with a nice bit of cosmic horror thrown in for good measure—all wrapped in a high school drama. It's quite the mix!”

Alienated will launch in February 2020.