Boom! Studios Teases 'Big Trouble in Little China' Comic

"Goon" creator Eric Powell is involved in a new series spinning out of John Carpenter's 1986 cult classic starring Kurt Russell.
Courtesy of Eric Powell/Boom! Studios

As a wise man once said: "It's a pretty amazing planet we live on here, and a man would have to be some kind of fool to think that ... " John Carpenter's cult 1986 movie Big Trouble in Little China wouldn't make an amazing comic book series. Luckily, Boom! Studios is teasing that very thing.

With no fanfare or explanation, Boom! today released the above preview image, signed by The Goon creator Eric Powell. On Twitter, Powell shared the image, adding "Oh, yeah. This is happening [and] it gets better. More news Friday."

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This wouldn't be the first time a Big Trouble comic has been announced; Top Cow Productions teased a similar project at 2009's San Diego Comic Con, only to report three years later that the project had fallen apart.

As per Powell's tweet, expect more news on Friday. If that doesn't happen … call the president.