Gearbox Software Touts 'Borderlands 3' at PAX East

Gearbox Software founder and CEO Randy Pitchford and game director Paul Sage debuted the new game Thursday at the Boston convention.
Courtesy of Gearbox Software

It's time to return to the Borderlands.

During a presentation Thursday at the PAX East convention in Boston, Gearbox Software president and CEO Randy Pitchford and game director Paul Sage debuted Borderlands 3, the latest numbered entry in the action RPG shooter franchise since 2012's Borderlands 2.

To begin the presentation, Pitchford walked fans through a 3D-printed model that featured familiar characters and locales from the series featured in the teaser trailer for the new game.

After a few technical hiccups, an onstage magic trick and a lengthy preamble, Pitchford officially debuted Borderlands 3 by way of a bedazzled dress shirt emblazoned with a golden “3.” He then showed off the first trailer for the upcoming game.

“We’ve been working on this game for five years, and the team has put so much of themselves — it’s obscene. … Our deepest wish is to do whatever we can to make a worthy successor,” said Pitchford.

The world premiere trailer featured the series’ familiar cell-shaded art style and characters as well as plenty of firepower (over “one billion gun” combinations were touted) and brand-new locales and enemy classes. A rowdy chant of "Yes" was taken up by the audience immediately after the trailer aired.

“Battle Royale games are fun, but that’s not what we’re making,” said Pitchford, referencing the popular game mode that has swept across the gaming industry and led by the revenue juggernaut Fortnite.

Officially launched in 2009, the first Borderlands game has sold over 4.5 million copies in its lifetime, while its 2012 sequel sold over 13 million. The series is known for its humor, role-playing and shooter mashup gameplay and the deep customization of in-game weapons.

Also revealed during the presentation was the Borderlands The Handsome Collection, which includes the previous titles Borderlands 2 and 2014's Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel, due out April 3, and a remastered 4K version of the original game coming to Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Those in attendance for the presentation were gifted with copies of the game.