'Bounty' Brings Grand Theft Astro to Comics (Exclusive Video)

What happens when the most successful criminals in the galaxy need to disappear in a hurry?

The baddest bounty hunters in the galaxy have a big secret: Not only did they used to be the most dangerous bandits around, they're not necessarily working entirely for the good guys after all.

Bounty, a new series from Rat Queens co-creator Kurtis Wiebe and artist Mindy Lee, centers on two sisters who had gained a reputation for being futuristic Robin Hoods, stealing from the more evil corporations and giving to the neediest they come across, but had to give it all up in order to evade capture — choosing instead to go undercover as exactly the kind of people who would bring them to justice if given the opportunity.

The new trailer for the Dark Horse Comics series, which features art by Lee — who has previously worked as a concept designer for game companies Carbine Studios and Pandemic Studios, including working on the Lord of The Rings: Conquest game — makes its debut on The Hollywood Reporter today.

Writer Wiebe has said that the series, which the publisher likens to Joss Whedon's Firefly, is "about the nature of family and the trust we share with those closest to us. With a little bit of action and romance on the side." Not to mention a small heist now and then, just to keep everyone's skills sharp.

Bounty No. 1 will be in comic book stores and available digitally July 6.