'Bourne Legacy' Official Trailer Hits (Video)

The Bourne Legacy Trailer
Jeremy Renner replaces Matt Damon in the Universal Pictures reboot, slated for release Aug. 3.

When Matt Damon did not sign on for a fourth Jason Bourne film, we wondered what the blockbuster action franchise would look like without its popular star.

Enter Jeremy Renner, who picks up where Damon left off in The Bourne Legacy, the fourth movie in the saga in which he portrays a rogue agent other than Bourne (a narrative decision that perhaps leaves a window open for Damon to return as the character). Tony Gilroy replaces Paul Greengrass as director.

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The trailer, released Wednesday by Universal Pictures, introduces Renner as an unpredictable, Hurt Locker-esque runaway on the loose from Joan Allen, Albert Finney and Ed Norton. Explosions abound, shots are fired and Renner exudes a Damon-like intensity.

The film hits theaters Aug. 3.