'Bourne Legacy' Trailer: Jeremy Renner Fights for His Life in the Shadow of Jason Bourne (Video)

The Bourne Legacy
<p><strong>Opens</strong>: August 3</p> <p>The future of Universal&rsquo;s marquee action franchise is riding on the latest installment, which features <strong>Jeremy Renner i</strong>n the lead instead of <strong>Matt Damon</strong>. <strong>Tony Gilroy</strong>, who wrote the first three <em>Bourne </em>movies, is in the director&rsquo;s chair this time.</p>
Universal's fourth film in the action franchise opens in theaters August 3.

“You think Jason Bourne is the whole story? There’s a lot more going on here.”

What’s going on is Aaron Cross (Jeremy Renner), the heir apparent to the Jason Bourne action franchise.

The first full trailer for The Bourne Legacy reveals that just because Matt Damon isn’t in the movie, doesn’t mean that his character’s shadow isn’t all over the film.

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The premise of the film seems to be that Edward Norton’s villain wants to wipe out all of the genetically modified killers that could lead to Jason Bourne-type disasters. This forces Renner’s Cross to run for it, rescuing a beautiful scientist (Rachel Weisz) along the way.

For Bourne fans looking for action, the trailer promises plenty of it, but we have yet to see any real quiet character moments. Tony Gilroy replaces Paul Greengrass as director for the fourth installment in the franchise.

In an April cover interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Renner talked to THR about the toughest scenes in the film. The most difficult thing was “being sick: I had to degrade to near death in the movie, where I had to shake for many minutes, and it looks like it’s nothing, but when it’s over I was more sore than I was the entire shoot.”

Gilroy called Renner’s performance “very explosive.” “This is the highest degree of difficulty, emotionally and physically,” he added.

 Also starring Albert Finney, Joan Allen, Scott Glenn, Stacy Keach and Oscar Isaac, The Bourne Legacy hits theaters August 3.

Watch the full trailer below.

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