'Breaking Dawn's' Kellan Lutz on His Next Move: Playing 'Tarzan' (Video)

The “Twilight” actor tells THR: “Motion-capture is amazing. I prefer it.”

As Kellan Lutz says goodbye to Emmett Cullen, his burly, smirking character in The Twilight Saga, he’s looking ahead to another memorable project: Tarzan.

Though it’s not due out until Oct. 3, 2013, the actor has already wrapped filming on Constantin Film’s 3D motion-capture Tarzan movie and declares the project one of his “favorite things I’ve done in my acting career.”

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Speaking with The Hollywood Reporter at the junket for Breaking Dawn – Part 2, out Nov. 16, Lutz described the film as “fun” and “brilliant.”

“Emmett is quite the monkey man and now playing the real monkey man was so much fun,” Lutz said. “Motion capture is amazing. I prefer it. You wear a Power Ranger-esque suit, you have tape balls on you, you have 60 cameras around you capturing your every movement and there’s no hair, no makeup.”

Adding: “Then you’re swinging on ropes that are gonna be vines later on… and then you see it on the screen as a computerized version. It’s brilliant. I love how technology’s really come.”

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Reinhard Klooss is directing the adaptation as well as producing alongside Robert Kulzer. Kloos, Yoni Brenner and Jessica Postigo wrote the script, which sees Tarzan’s billionaire parents killed in a plane crash and Jane, played by Spencer Locke, as the daughter of an African guide. The duo work together to defeat the CEO of Greystoke Energies, a man who took over the company from Tarzan’s deceased parents.

Lutz makes his final outing as a Cullen this week when Breaking Dawn – Part 2 hits theaters. On the red carpet at the film’s Hollywood premiere Monday, he told THR: “It’s just flown by. It’s so fun to do anything Twilight-related, I’m always gonna remember this.”

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